Us and the balsam

The Jerusalem Balsam is produced by the "Ran Botanicals" company.
The "Ran Botanicals" company is the sole producer in modern times of the ancient herbal formula "The Genuine Jerusalem Balsam".
The resinous raw materials for the preparation of the balsam are purchased and imported from their places of origin by the firm's expert sourcing team.  
The resins are then soaked in pure spirits of the finest quality for the period of 21 days, after which the liquid balsam is filtered and bottled.
The whole process is executed according to the original old recipe, and under strict quality control procedures. The production takes place in a setting regulated according to GMP standards, and approved by the ministry of health of the state of Israel.

The desire to spread the Jerusalem Balsam within widening circles of people is the foundation on which the academic, therapeutic, business and social conduct of the “Jerusalem Balsam” company is based. Its core is a profound knowledge and unwavering faith in the value of our product.

In the 1960’s, when a renewed interest in Herbal Medicine was beginning to rise, the Jerusalem Balsam had almost been forgotten. At that time, a group of therapists began to restudy the field in an attempt to weave the ancient lore into the modern medical, physiological and biochemical knowledge base. In the following decades Herbal Medicine has been slowly revived and now gains renewed recognition in spreading circles of both professionals and the general public. “Jerusalem Balsam” conceives itself as committed to the mission taken on by those herbalists and works in all layers to spread this message.

An obvious part of the daily routine

The company develops a unique product based on medical herbs; Jerusalem's Balsam's personnel, including the owners, teach in various natural medicine colleges and, to great extent, design the way in which the field is perceived in Israel in the present as well as in the future.


Eventually, Herbal Medicine is measured by its clinical effectiveness. To fulfill the full medicinal potential of the herbs, several factors must be fully present: the raw material should be of the best quality; they should be processed into herbal extracts or other finalized products under the strictest professional conditions; the therapist, on whom lies the task of fitting the herbal therapy to the person, should be committed to his or her profession, posses a deep understanding of it and be able to diagnose and uncover the secrets of the root of the patient’s illness – be it a minor, temporary nuisance, or a chronic or even incurable disease.

At any given time, the Jerusalem Balsam company does its best to realize the full potential it ascribes to the field: the purchase of raw materials is done under comprehensive considerations, which eventually have direct effect on its quality: the professionalism of the agriculturalist who grows them or the manner in which they are collected in the wild, while preferring organic crops when possible and avoiding herbs for which growing or collecting involved exploitation either of humans or of market forces. The herbs are turned into extracts under strict quality control. The strictest professional standards are also kept for storing and guaranteeing the freshness of the extracts. Finally, the therapeutic insight of the owners, which is also bestowed on their students, is based on a merger of traditional and modern approaches that put a great weight on keen knowledge of the herbs: their energetic qualities, their suitability to the person, as well as their biochemical effects – each carry its weight in the delicate therapeutic procedure that ends with the composition of a herbal formula: The Jerusalem Balsam.

After 20 successful years in Israel, we have decided to distribute our knowledge around the world. In this site we present you with only one product, which have been proven time and again through many years of treating various problems. We will be happy to be at your disposal with any and all questions.

The Jerusalem Balsam team