Ingredients and Preparation

The "Genuine Jerusalem Balsam" is composed of the following 4 Ingredients:

(Pistacia lentiscus)
(Aloe spp.)
Boswellia spp.)
(Commiphora myrrha)

We use only raw materials of the highest quality in the production of the Balsam
Preparation of the Jerusalem Balsam:

The "Ran Botanicals" company is the sole producer in modern times of the ancient herbal formula "The Genuine Jerusalem Balsam".
The resinous raw materials for the preparation of the balsam are purchased and imported from their places of origin by the firm's expert sourcing team.  
The resins are then soaked in pure spirits of the finest quality for the period of 21 days, after which the liquid balsam is filtered and bottled.
The whole process is executed according to the original old recipe, and under strict quality control procedures. The production takes place in a setting regulated according to GMP standards, and approved by the ministry of health of the state of Israel.
We are dedicated to bringing you the ancient treasures of the holy land