Carol treats a wide range of illnesses but has a special interest and long experience in women’s health problems, ranging from attending at natural childbirth to treating menopausal symptoms.
One of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the web.

This Web site was designed by Alan Tillotson, author of The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, as a resource and learning tool for physicians and health care practitioners around the world who want to learn practical ways of solving complex health problems using natural methods.

I am a writer, green witch, an herbalist, a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us and a teacher of WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit teachings.

My name is Todd Caldecott, and I am a clinical/medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner providing clinical and education services in the Greater Vancouver area and Vancouver Island.

Let me tell you a bit about myself . . . I am an herbalist and nutritional consultant in Boulder, Colorado. I have been working with Natural Medicine for over 30 years. I teach through private workshops and seminars, The Boulder School of Massage Therapy and Naropa Institute.

This page is in answer to my frustration of using a dichotomous key to identify plants and not having any pictures to double check my work. The pictures on this page were mostly taken in the Upper Midwest and the Desert Southwest but span most of the United States. As I get more, I will put them up on the page.

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