Adam Shavit
26 November 2009
I am 69 years old from Israel. My first experience with the Jerusalem balsam was after my son has offered it to me over the phone one rainy winter day after I told him that in the last time I am felling wick and getting sick often. I have to admit I was not a big believer in herbal remedy's but my son insisted so I gave it a go.
I drank a glass of Jerusalem balsam in the morning, which sent me to a sweaty 2 hours sleep. I drank the second portion at around 19:00 and spent a nice relaxing evening at home. The next morning I woke up as usual at 06:00 and want to work, I worked the all day and felt great. The Jerusalem balsam really got me back on my fit. Since then I didn't get sick and I am felling better. The Jerusalem balsam really helped me to recover and get better.
The surprising thing is that one day over dinner with my son I brought up the Jerusalem Balsam and he told me to try and use it on open wounds. A few weeks later I cut open my finger while making a salad and remembered my son's advice, so I have spilled a few drops of the Jerusalem balsam on the open wound three times in the following hour and a half. It burned a bit and after a few hours the wound closed up very nicely.
I take on a regular basis Aspirin so I bleed very quickly. After I have discovered this amazing quality of the Jerusalem Balsam I carry it every day in my bag and use it often.

I highly recommend the Jerusalem balsam it is truly a magical product and it definitely made me discover the amazing world of herbal remedy's. 

Adam Shavit